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Hair salon pride ourselves offering a unique combination of outstanding premium products and talented hair stylists that allow our clients to receive great hair care and hair services.

Back in 2000, I was cutting hair in my garage whenever I wasn’t working in the oil and gas industry. My wife, Teresa, didn’t like this so much and urged me to get serious about my passion and to get my license. Two years later, some things happened with my day job that made me rethink this idea. I then sought out my hair license and started cutting hair part-time. At that time, I called myself the “traditional barber” but during my training, I discovered coloring and realized how artistic it was. My knack for coloring turned into a huge clientele business, and ended up being the segway into where we are now. 

On Sept. 17, 2012, I retired from my oil company job and made a decision at that point to open my own salon within the next year. I followed through and opened Cut Loose at in Midwest City and the business venture has been an opportunity for me and my daughter, Natalie Phillips,  to work together. She’s been my sidekick all my life. When she was five years old, she used to watch me in our garage cutting hair.” Just like dad, Phillips got her license but also just completed two years of college from Rose State. She had been pushing me for two years to get this shop opened and since I was unhappy at my oil job, she insisted that I could do it. Having a family business has been nice and I hope to one day turn it over to someone else, if I can ever let it go.

My family and community are things that are very important to me. I have lived in Midwest City since 2003 but before that, I had lived in Del City since 1975 and he and his wife attend Cornerstone Church and is a community man. I love to shop in Midwest City and now I have a business in the MWC and DC area. 

The MWC connection is also evident with my oldest daughter, Rachel Yacko, who is a teacher at Nicoma Park Elementary. As for my wife, Teresa Dommert, she is a registered nurse having received her LPN license from Mid-Del Technology Center. We have been married 32 years and my wife has been extremely supportive of my salon dream. Teresa is a big supporter of Cut Loose and she brings  lunch or dinner and we all will sit around the table together there in the shop. This kind of kindred networking is exactly the vision he had for Cut Loose. 

I really want a family atmosphere at our salon, not high end. That was the purpose of this: to create not your high-end salon but to create a family atmosphere. The table in the center of the salon is what I like to call “the gathering place. Customers can come in and sit and visit at that table and wait on their opportunity to sit in the chair, This was the vision behind this. I did not want a fru-fru salon, I’m a guy and I like to do guy things but I also like to do hair.

Cut Loose has both an atmosphere that appeals to males and females, and coming soon will be a 55-inch TV for anyone wanting to watch Saturday’s football game!

I believe a higher power led me to the home Cut Loose. I was looking at another place when I called on it, Jeff Johnson answered the phone. I was actually looking at another place of his when Jeff said, ‘No, I’ve got just the place for you that would be perfect.

We at Cut Loose family realize we have a lot of competition up and down Douglas but, We believe we are the right niche for the right people and those places have the right niche for the right people.

I’m enjoying life right now and couldn’t be happier.

Owner Operator

Guy Dommert

Our Team

  • Alicia Taylor

    Alicia Taylor

    Hair Stylist
  • Amber Cuevas

    Amber Cuevas

    Hair Stylist
  • Amber Pierson

    Amber Pierson

    Hair Stylist
  • Ashley Plumley

    Ashley Plumley

    Hair Stylist
  • Callie Horner

    Callie Horner

    Hair Stylist
  • Guy Dommert

    Guy Dommert

    Co-Owner, Hair Stylist
  • Kallie Crawley

    Kallie Crawley

    Hair Stylist
  • Kateland Jett

    Kateland Jett

    Hair Stylist
  • Laura Watkins

    Laura Watkins

    Hair Stylist
  • Michelle Turney

    Michelle Turney

    Licensed Barber
  • Natalie Phillips

    Natalie Phillips

    Co-Owner, Hair Stylist
  • Nicole Mancillas

    Nicole Mancillas

    Hair Stylist